LAND SITE FOR SALE     Prague - Jirny


Lettenmayer & Partner is the leading developer in the Czech Republic and the member of the Deutsch-Tschechische Industrie und Handelskammer. It has been investing in commercial land plots suitable for development of shopping centres and industrial / logistics zones.  

Sale of land for industrial development, expansion to well established warehouse park Jirny
(industrial / logistics scheme).

The site is strategically located on the  D11 Highway, connected to the national and international traffic network Prague-Hradec Králové-Poland. The location is directly accessible via Exit 8 Jirny, just 5,5 km from the edge of Prague, close to future101 Prague Agglomeration circuit and railway access.
Driving distances: Praha 5,5 km,  Hradec Králové 86 km, Pardubice 88 km, Mladá Boleslav 45 km, Kolín 47 km 






Land for sale Phase I

Total land size approx. 198,000 sq.m.
Total building footprint potential approx. 76,000 sq.m.

Building 1 - approx 39,252 sq.m.
Building 2 - approx. 20,969 sq.m.
Building 3 - approx. 15,658 sq.m.

Land for sale - Phase II

Total land size approx. 120,000 sq.m.
Total building footprint potential approx. 45,200 sq.m.

Building 1 - approx 13,200 sq.m.
Building 2 - approx. 3,000 sq.m.
Building 3 - approx. 23,900 sq.m.
Building 4 - approx. 5,100 sq.m.
Planning permits for warehouse building available.
Basic infrastructure is prepared at the site border or in close vicinity.

Zoning: Industrial / Logistics / Warehouse

Land site offer and future expansion 

Phase I 198,000 sqm
Phase II 120,000 sqm
Phase III 255,000 sqm



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